Visit at the Day Care Centre

Hello followers,

A few weeks ago 10 of us went to visit the elderly at the day Care Centre. While we were there we discussed what the elderly used to do when they were young. We realised that during their life they practiced the 3R’s. Mainly, they practiced the Reduce and Reuse concepts.  For example, one woman explained that they used to fix clothes and shoes instead of throwing them away.

To conclude, we realised that we do not really need plastic bags and other containers but we can plan ahead and bring with us cloth bags when going shopping. Do you plan ahead before you go shopping?

With love,

Ekoskola members


Green Flag

We are so happy that we got our second Green Flag. All the committee worked hard but also all the children and teachers cooperated. Thank you everyone for the teamwork. We will continue working hard to keep the Green Flag at school.

Eko Skola Parliament

We had the opportunity  to be in the Strangers Gallery during the Eko Skola Parliament session. During this session children from different schools gave out  suggestions on how to improve different aspects of our environment. We hope that the politicians listen to all we told them.